This is the Matrix cards support site; we offer the following

Filename Size Description
TC1208DR.ZIP 558.836 Latest Matrix software upgrade for TC1208/1208E cards. Needed for an NVDI installation!
MATRIX.LZH 263.047 Matrix software for the C32/110/110Z/MoCo/CoCo/MiCo cards, version 1.0
10061208.ZIP 293.527 Matrix software for the TC1006 and TC1208 cards, version 1.0
MATRIX01.TXT 6.319 Notes for installing NVDI with TC1208/1208E cards
MATRIX02.TXT 2.578 Tech notes for the C32/110/110Z/MoCo/CoCo/MiCo cards
MATRIX03.TXT 4.602 Notes for using the software for C32/110/110Z/MoCo/CoCo/MiCo cards
M128.ZIP 884 kB Software for the M128 card
Matrix_Benutzerhandbuch.pdf 33 Mb Manual for the C32, C110/Z, MoCo, CoCo and MiCo cards (in German, thanks to Raphael Zweifel)


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Page revised 30.03.2012